Paleta Barrique

The Barrique Selection

The old-fashioned spirit has inspired us to create an exclusive Barrique selection of high-quality wines from the vine region of Ohrid. What makes them special is the fact that they are stored in unique barrique barrels for 8-18 months, where they imbibe the finest scents of timber and soft and ripe tannins. When you taste them, you will feel the strength of their flavours and bouquets, but also of your own body - the wine is harmonious, rich and complex, with strong fragrances of coffee, smoke, chocolate.
Place your trust in the supreme Barrique wines and their complexity will satisfy the most sophisticated wine connoisseurs among you and create a unique experience.

Cabernet Sauvignon Barrique This expertly cherished wine has a characteristic flavour and a concentrated homogenized aroma, with visible tannin tones and recognizable barrique characteristics, which support the fruit component in the wine - cherries and black currants - very well. It is of a very dark ruby red colour, with a violet reflection.
This rounded and balanced wine, finishing in elegant vanilla tones, will captivate you in the combination with dark meat - a medium rare beefsteak with green pepper.