Paleta Ladered

The Lederer Selection

A sumptuous Lederer selection of supreme wines originating from the grapes of sunned and warm vine regions of Banat is at your disposal. It was named after Count Artur Lederer, who brought Merlot grape cuttings from France to Čoka in the early 20th century. In each drop, you will feel the magic of these unique wines and the interesting history they carry within themselves. Cheers!

MERLOT is a luxurious, velvety red wine which simply radiates softness and a consistent fruit aroma. The properly balanced low level of acids and the excellent measure of alcohol make this wine crisp and ample. One can trace the aroma of plum and currant in this wine. You will experience its glamour in full if you pair it with dishes spiced with mint or pepper, light pastas with tomato and meat, rabbit and barbecue meat. It is served at a temperature of 12 – 14 ºC. 

CABERNET SAUVIGNON is a full extra active red wine with consistent acids and an incredibly concentrated bouquet. It is of dark purple colour and it abounds in tannins. You will recognized the aromas of violets and cherries and chocolate and coffee tones in this wine. It should be served with smoked meat, prosciutto, hot sausages or venison as thus it offers a perfection of flavours. Its best attributes are visible at a temperature of 12 – 15 ºC.  

CHARDONNAY is an ample white wine, boasting the elegant and clear characteristics of its variety. It is of golden yellow colour and it has strong fruit aromas of apple and melon. A mild sweet note of marzipan flavour can be traced in this wine. You can pair it with all the types of fish, truffles and mushrooms, various creamy sauces and chicken and you will feel a unique combination of flavours. Its best attributes can be felt when served at a temperature of 10 – 12 ºC.

SAUVIGNON BLANC is a dry and light white wine, of dark yellow colour and of a full creamy fruit flavour. Its herbal aromas make it soft and its finely balanced acids make it crisp. It has a long finish which emphasizes its complex temperament. Sauvignon Blanc matches perfectly with sea and freshwater fish, poultry, fowl and sour sauces. It is served cooled, at a temperature of 9 - 11ºC.  

MUSCAT OTTONEL is a magnificent white wine, characterized by its harmony of colour, flavour and a refined aroma. It is of golden yellow colour and one can recognize the flavours of apricot, peach and honey in this wine. Its light acids are well balanced, with a high level of alcohol. Served with young cheese, feta, summer and spring salads, mayonnaise and white meat, it provides and unforgettable experience. It is to be consumed at a temperature of 6 - 8ºC .