Grapes and wine form part of the human history and each wine is a story in itself. We must always start telling the tales about wine from the very beginning – the origin.

The Čoka Winery is descended from the Lederer family wine cellar. It is there that the truth begins. In 1903, Artur Lederer built a magnificent cellar, which is still today one of the largest and most beautiful underground wine cellars in the Balkans.



The inscription "IN VINO VERITAS" i.e. “THE TRUTH IS IN WINE”, which, in those years long gone by, became part of the history of the Lederer family’s coat of arms, can still be seen along the iron gate. At that time Count Artur Lederer inherited the „Kaštel“ castle and numerous hectares of the fruitful Northern Banat soil from his father-in-law, Count Marcipan, who, in the early 19th century, was a distinguished and enterprising squire. He grew fruit and flowers and founded a meat industry. Despite his Bohemian lifestyle and affinity to gambling, Lederer was a worthy successor to his father-in-law. He expanded vineyards, built the cellar and encouraged peasants to grow vine. The Bohemian count was the first to be recorded in the history of viniculture in the Tisa river basin, which has been yielding divine potions for more than a century.



The story about the winery, which has been handed down from generation to generation, continues in 1908, when the building of the second part of the cellar, which houses concrete wine tanks with tile linings from within, was completed. A major attraction is a tank that can contain 67000 liters of wine and in which Lederer organized card games, which, accompanied by the music of Gypsy fiddlers, lasted several days. The wealthy local estate owners, and also those from all over Europe, were ready to wriggle into a hole in the barrel, which was not even half a meter wide, in order to taste the sweet Čoka Merlot, a wine for the sake of which they used to put their entire estates at stake.


The building of the last and, in the opinion of many, the most beautiful part of the cellar, in which oak barrels form the famous seventh street, was completed. As the cellar is situated under the Tisa river, Lederer confronted humidity by building a drainage system which is still successfully functioning today. The highly hygroscopic Tisa river sand is spread on the bottom of the cellar and, several times a day, is replaced by new sand, which has been dried in the sun.

In Second World War, the Lederer family, due to its Jewish origin, had to leave Čoka and find shelter in Hungary. After the war, they returned to Yugoslavia, but their estate was confiscated and declared a national asset.



The estate was privatized in 2000.

The new owners brought new ideas and the necessary energy, whereby viniculture in the Tisa river region was revitalized. The wine with tradition, which was recommended as a medicine in the past and, before the Second World War, was even issued on medical prescription, is still stored among the oak barrels.


In 2000, upon privatization, the Čoka Winery became a modern company restoring the old glory of Čoka masters. Not only has the production been revitalized, the old recipes and brands restored and the new ones introduced, but a state-of-the-art cold stabilization line, which enables wine to preserve all of its characteristics and quality, was established. Modernization and the modern business spirit following market trends have become the main pillars in the winery business.

With a view to providing a continuity of a high-quality and safe raw material base, in September 2007, the Čoka Winery became the owner of the Ohrid Winery in Macedonia. The purchase of the Ohrid Winery is a strategic move and a result of the constant effort to provide wine of supreme quality, which, in addition to the Tisa vine region, is also offered by the Ohrid one, due to its specific topography and climate conditions, the vineyards there being situated at 625 meters of altitude.


Today, the Čoka Winery has been strengthened with the FSSC 22000 standard which includes the key requirements of the current food safety standards, such as FSSC and HACCP. The Čoka Winery meets the criteria of world class commercial chains and the major food companies under the auspices of the unique and internationally acknowledged food safety management system.


Having preserved its recognizable quality and business reputation, the Čoka Winery is a name recognized at the regional and world market. The winery products are constantly demanded by loyal consumers and the surrounding area. With its recognizable high quality brands and by cherishing the tradition and, at the same time, conquering the necessary standards demanded by the sophisticated global market, the Čoka Winery has been successfully positioned not only in the local and regional market, but also in the market of all the world continents.

Today, the Čoka Winery boasts a history of more than a century – a history of development and discovery of new wine tastes and secrets. In a century and a decade of dedicated work and responsible business, many generations of employees have created a strong winery which has succeeded in achieving and maintaining quality.